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Acumatica is your engine. BHE is your fuel.

Acumatica ERP

Automate every facet of your business, but retain the flexibility to run things your way. Get real-time visibility into costs, inventory, operations, and financials. Simplify ERP adoption with pre-configured industry versions. Give unlimited users access and pay only for the functionality you need, not for user seats. BHE makes implementation smart and efficient.

Why is Acumatica ERP Software THE BEST CHOICE?

Acumatica’s intuitive Cloud ERP system can power your entire business to unimagined speeds and efficiencies. Acumatica ranks highest in usability due to it’s proven user-friendly interface. It’s no wonder that Acumatica has the highest customer satisfaction rating in the industry.

  • Ranks highest in usability ranking due to its user friendly interface
  • Highest customer satisfaction rating in the industry
  • Highest growing Cloud ERP company for 8 years and counting.

BHE’s Solution

BHE gives your company the horsepower to turn Acumatica into a powerful engine that it was designed be. BHE has the expertise to integrate your company with the wide breathe of Acumatica. Our eye for the detail and deep knowledge of Acumatica guarantees that when you turn the key to start Acumatica you’ll accelerate immediately. That’s what we do, that’s what we love to do.

What are the BENEFITS of Acumatica ERP Software?

Acumatica’s benefits are the engine that drives almost all aspects of doing business in our digitally reliant world. Companies can count on Acumatica Cloud ERP to deliver the most adaptable business management solution for growing small and midmarket organizations.

  • Intelligent and scalable technology
  • Reduce IT costs
  • Increase sales
  • Customer retention
  • Flexibility, efficiency and continuity of operations
  • Access to info anytime, anywhere on any device
  • Single connected solution allowing for growth
  • Intuitive interface for ease-of-use
  • Configurable workflows
  • Role-based dashboards
  • Robust reporting
  • Mobile access in realtime
  • Improved visibility for true big picture view
  • Operational efficiency
  • Industry capabilities

BHE’s Solution

In order to take FULL advantage of the wide array of benefits that Acumatica can provide to your business you need a partner like BHE. BHE can help you unlock, customize and integrate the all of Acumatica’s horsepower right out of the starting blocks. BHE will also be there to make adjustments, refinements and upgrades as your company matures and grows with this powerful business tool.

Why choose Acumatica Cloud ERP?

Acumatica was born in the cloud to meet the ever-evolving needs of mid-market companies and their customers. Best-in-class business and industry-specific solutions, built around customer requirements, that can be easily tailored to meet the needs of your growing company

  • It is integration made easy
  • Easy to use
  • Customizable to fit your needs
  • Helps improve profitability and efficiency

BHE’s Solution

When you partner with BHE you are working with a Leadership team and their partners that have confronted and solved any and all situations that your Cloud based ERP system may encounter. BHE removes the burden of installing, maintaining and upgrading the Acumatica software system.

Acumatica Editions

Acumatica Cloud ERP was created as a best-in-class business management solution to fulfill the needs of many industries. Acumatica Editions are customizable, efficient and easy-to-integrate to meet the needs of your unique business. Its flexibility allows you to license only the modules you need now and then add more as you grow or your requirements change.  With the right implementation partner, your company can optimize the power of Acumatica.

General Business                                            

Put your whole business at your fingertips. With real-time access to financials, reporting, CRM, and more, our integrated business management solution was specifically designed to help small and mid-market businesses thrive in the new digital economy.

Grow your business or organization on a comprehensive business management suite with:

  • Best-in-class functionality
  • Powerful automation
  • Flexible configuration options

Manufacturing Edition

An intuitive Cloud ERP system designed for manufacturing businesses. Acumatica Manufacturing Edition is an easily integrated manufacturing business system that offers flexibility, efficiency and continuity of operations for growing companies.

The Manufacturing Edition supports multiple methodologies including:

  • Make-to-stock
  • Make-to-order
  • Engineer-to-order
  • Project-centric
  • Job shop
  • Batch
  • Repetitive manufacturing

Distribution  Edition

Distribution ERP for modern supply chains. An intuitive wholesale distribution ERP system providing unparalleled distribution depth with an extensive suite of connected distribution applications for sales, inventory, purchasing, and warehouse management. Built on a future-proof platform with an open architecture for rapid integrations, scalability, and ease of use, Acumatica delivers unparalleled value to small and midmarket distributors.

Acumatica Distribution Edition helps wholesale distributors:

  • Boost sales
  • Automate warehouse operations
  • Optimize inventory levels

Retail Edition

Full integrations across all sales channels. Deliver a consistent customer experience across all your sales channels with full integration between your online, mobile, kiosk, and in-store service.

Acumatica Retail Edition allows you to:

  • Reduce stock-outs and back orders
  • Speed up order processing and fulfillment
  • Streamline returns and exchanges
  • Provide an omni-channel experience
  • Offer a world-class eCommerce presence
  • Gain a single source of truth
  • Integration with web stores and POS systems

Acumatica Announcements & Updates

What our customers have to say.

”Acumatica has been a much easier program to use. The unlimited Users feature with Acumatica is an excellent feature to allow multiple users to login.”
— Glenda Starkweather, Co-Owner
“Our strategic partnership is built of trust, shared risk, and friendship. BHE Consulting is who you want to have on your side when results matter!”
— Brad Bilotta, Division Information Technology Manager
“Implementing Acumatica was critical to our survival in an increasingly complex environment. The BHE team was integral in helping us quickly implement and adopt the system effectively.”
— Daniel Echeveste, VP of Finance and Operations

“Before Acumatica our previous ERP was not providing us with a future path for our growing business processes and requirements that we here at  PackageAll/Tricor Bruan  were experiencing. Thankfully, with the guidance and expertise that BHE Consulting provided us, we were able to easily transition to the Acumatica Cloud Distribution solution which has encouraged our growth for the future, not hindered it.”

— Brian Davis, Information Technology Manager
“Since our Acumatica implementation, whenever we need any additional functionality, guidance or expertise, BHE is always there, ready to help. I highly recommend Acumatica as the premier ERP solution for the SMB market and BHE Consulting as the Go To partner to support Acumatica and your business.”
— Kevin Boyle, Director of Information Technology
“After an exhausting search, Jay Group decided to implement Acumatica. BHE Consulting is the firm to work with if you want to stick to high standards, professional workflows, and project management that results in an implementation that is on-time and on budget. They delivered high-quality results, attentive service, and generally made our jobs easier. As we continue to roll out modules we look to the BHE Consulting team as a go-to extension of our team for support!”
— Kate Golden, VP Finance & Administration