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ERP Solutions

BHE was founded by people who have spent the better part of their lives helping companies reach their full potential through the power of ERP solutions. BHE knows how to get you there.

With over 40 years of experience working with award-winning ERP solutions, we understand what it takes to make our customers successful. BHE provides the expertise to guide our customers through all the challenges an implementation can present, to achieve a successful outcome every time. We follow that up with on-going Support Services to ensure you are continually getting the most out of your new system, staying current with the latest upgrades and releases and leveraging new features and functionality that can improve your business and allow you to better service your customers.

Cloud-Based ERP Software

At BHE, we have been focused on helping mid-size companies for years. We know that choosing the best management solutions from many diverse options can be an overwhelming task for anyone. Companies need to decide on the best systems to help them get to where they want to be but where to begin?

Standalone applications rarely provide long-term benefits. Companies often outgrow entry-level accounting systems. And aging technology platforms can fail to scale to meet a company’s evolving demands. Productivity and profitability can suffer, as a result. Choosing an industry-specific application or broader general business solution from a trustworthy and market-leading company can ensure current demands and future needs are met. Choosing the right technology can take an organization to the next level, increase market share, expand into new markets, and even fend off competitors.

The team at BHE has chosen to only sell cloud-based, customizable, scalable and award-winning ERP software by Acumatica and Sage. We recommend these products because we know that growing organizations need to streamline their operations to achieve success now and in the future. This modern cloud-based ERP software helps connect critical functions across the business with an efficient integrated solution while promoting data transparency without the burden of an on-premises technology platform.

The team at BHE is ready to help evaluate the available options to find the right cloud-based ERP application needed to build the foundation for current success and long term growth.

BHE has a variety of services that will help keep you firing on all cylinders. Our team has the tools and experience to get you started and to keep you up-to-date.

Acumatica Cloud ERP Solutions

Acumatica’s best-in-class and industry-specific software is easy-to-use, easy-to-integrate and customizable. It is designed to help growing mid-market companies improve profitability and efficiency.

SAGE ERP Integrated Business Management Solutions

Sage ERP Software, scalable and flexible, offers more than 25 modules of fully integrated business management solutions including full-featured accounting, manufacturing, and distribution functionality.

The Industries We Serve


Acumatica offers a complete, multi-site cloud manufacturing control and planning system that supports multiple manufacturing methodologies, including make-to-stock, make-to-order, engineer-to-order, project-centric, job shop, batch, process and repetitive manufacturing. Improve profits, maximize resources, and reduce costs. This extensive suite of connected business applications provides unparalleled manufacturing depth for production, estimating, engineering, material planning, scheduling, product configuration, quality, and manufacturing data collection.

Warehouse & Distribution

Acumatica’s complete, connected and mobile distribution ERP software helps you integrate and automate the entire quote-to-cash cycle and make smarter wholesale business decisions. You can simplify item management, streamline inventory processes, automate your warehouse, prioritize picking queues, enhance marketing and sales processes and sell more with item substitutions, cross-sell, and up-sell features powered by artificial intelligence with machine learning.

Aerospace & Defense

Acumatica ERP software effortlessly meets the stringent quality, tracking, and security standards needed in the Aerospace & Defense sector.  The robust User and Data Security model includes a few ways to ensure User Authentication and Data Encryption. It offers comprehensive Serial and Lot traceability, spanning from the procurement process to manufacturing and eventual shipment.

eCommerce & Retail

Acumatica offers native integrations with Amazon, BigCommerce, and Shopify, allowing you to seamlessly link your eCommerce storefront to Acumatica’s financial, inventory, product information, and Fulfillment systems in real time. Acumatica’s Retail software solution allows you to manage omni-channel orders, inventory, picking-packing-shipping, returns, customer support, and accounting all from one dashboard. And you can seamlessly connect in-store POS and web stores to the back office and manage your whole business in one solution.

Food & Beverage

Acumatica handles compliance requirements through cradle-to-grave lot tracking, employing first-expired-first-out picking and interconnected applications for quality management. Acumatica’s inventory management application facilitates the use of matrix items to establish/oversee product families based on item attributes. Streamline production, monitor work-in-process, optimize material plans, and schedule operations within finite capacity constraints. Create purchase orders for ingredients and supplies, using barcoded transactions for all inventory or manufacturing activities.

Professional Services
Acumatica offers a variety of software including Project and Cost Accounting, Project Cost Tracking, Billing, Time Management and Advance Expense Management. Benefits include better budget and revenue management, inventory control, improved payroll and time management to allow for better efficiency with more time to focus on business growth.
Service Management
Acumatica Service Management enables you to quickly capture service needs, get them assigned faster, and track progress in real-time. Efficient scheduling drives increased revenue and improves customer satisfaction. Fully integrated with your ERP, it provides seamless integration with inventory, purchasing, and projects. Features include contract management, appointment schedules, and a full-featured mobile application for deliveries, installation, or remote service operations.
Travel & Hospitality
Acumatica Cloud ERP provides real-time access to financials, reporting, and CRM. Our integrated business management solution was specifically designed to help small and mid-market businesses streamline operations, get real-time access and company wide insights. No matter where employees work from, Acumatica provides flexibility, efficiency, and business continuity to achieve growth.
Education & Non-Profit

The Acumatica Nonprofit Accounting Suite brings a new level of functionality that empowers nonprofit organizations to efficiently manage grants and restricted funds through automated processes. As a result, customers get a comprehensive and authentic analysis of the financial landscape.

Home & Healthcare

Acumatica ERP is widely adopted by healthcare institutions across various sectors of the industry, including Medical Supply and Equipment, Home and Disabilities Healthcare, and Medical Device manufacturing. Acumatica’s Product Management and Financial Reporting capabilities help manage financial status, streamline billing processes, access real time financial data and oversee individual cases. 

Don’t know which ERP solution is right for your business?

Choosing the right Cloud-based ERP system can be a challenging undertaking. BHE can take the uncertainty out of the equation. With our experts by your side, you will get all of your questions answered and your doubts put to rest. BHE has a process in place that will lead you and your organization down the right road to success.