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We put software to work for you.

BHE: Strategic business consulting you can count on.

BHE Consulting is a forward-thinking technology consulting firm with a rich history dating back to 1998. We specialize in strategic business consulting, offering a comprehensive suite of services including:
  • ERP
  • CRM
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution Service
  • Project Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • EDI
  • Retail eCommerce
  • And Other Cutting-edge Business Management Software

Our goal is to deliver excellence in every aspect of our service, tailoring top-tier solutions to meet the unique needs of SMB firms across all industries.

Our experienced team becomes part of your team.
Our experienced management team and founders bring decades of expertise in the business solutions industry. We’ve honed our skills by tackling real-world challenges across diverse sectors. When you partner with us, you’re not just gaining a service provider, but an extension of your own organization. After all, nobody understands your business better than you do! Hear more from one of our customers below.

Collaborate. Navigate. Accelerate.

It is more than a tagline. It is how we do business. At our core, we believe in the power of collaboration, the art of navigating through challenges, and the drive to accelerate progress. Together, they form the guiding principles that define our identity, steer our actions, and ignite a path toward innovation and success. We’re dedicated to fostering enduring, mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients. Join us as we wholeheartedly embrace these, not merely as words, but as the beating heart of our company, propelling us forward on a journey we’re excited to share with you.


Collaboration fuels what we do. It is at the core of our operations and steers our every endeavor. We pride ourselves on cultivating close-knit partnerships with your team, delving deep into the intricate fabric of your business to comprehend its distinctive challenges, aspirations, and overarching vision. Our modus operandi revolves around this collaborative approach, ensuring that every step we take is alongside you, fostering a seamless alignment of our expertise with your needs. Our tailored strategies are not merely theoretical concepts but living, breathing solutions, devised through collaborative brainstorming and fine-tuned with a problem-solving finesse that actively involves your insights. As we navigate the complexities together, our commitment remains firm – providing expert guidance and unwavering support throughout the journey, ensuring that your business strides confidently towards its desired outcomes.


Accelerating your business to its full potential is our driving force. Committed to propelling your business forward, we diligently uncover untapped opportunities and implement resilient strategies that expedite your growth while ensuring long-term success. Our primary focus centers on nurturing dynamic partnerships, providing your business with the foundation to not just survive but to thrive amidst the ever-evolving complexities of today’s business world.

Words we live by everyday.

At BHE, we’re guided by these principles for delivering impactful business solutions:
You can count on BHE as your dedicated partner.
  • Grasping the core of your business processes

  • Identifying opportunities for enhancement

  • Applying industry-leading practices

  • Leveraging technology where it adds value

  • Ongoing support and guidance tailored to your evolving business needs

  • A deepened understanding of the software underpinning your company

  • Insight into options for streamlining processes through automation and integration

  • Tangible benefits stemming from your decisions

  • Access to additional functionalities that enhance your operations