Manufacturing Management


Acumatica Manufacturing Software is a flexible software solution that supports multiple types of production environments, keeps you in control with real-time visibility and communication tools - just what you should expect in a feature-rich, end-to-end manufacturing solution.

Core Modules

Bill of Materials and Routing
This module not only creates production specifications, but is the framework for the planning functionality in other modules.

  • Multi-level Bill of Material/Routing presents both engineering and financial view of product structure
  • Efficiently plan and manage your inventories, costs, and manufacturing processes
  • Flexible date sensitive capabilities allow for viewing past and future versions of the product

Production Management

From components to finished goods, the Production Management module gives your organization the ability to control the entire production process.

  • Supports multiple types of production environments; make-to-stock, engineer-to- order, make-to-order, repetitive, and job shop
  • Captures the total cost of manufacturing including material, labor, overhead, and outside processes
  • Ability to create production orders from previous revisions and alternate Bills of Materials

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
The art of balancing supply and demand is critical to any manufacturing organization. The MRP module is a powerful planning tool that enables your organization to satisfy customer requirements, while maintaining optimal inventory levels.

  • Sales activities, Master Production Schedules (MPS), and forecasts can be viewed in one centralized location
  • Flexible selection criteria for creation of purchase and/or production orders
  • Provides recommendations to manage changes to firm production and/or purchase orders

Additional Modules

Scheduling and Capacity
Scheduling and Capacity gives users an in-depth and dynamic view of the orders that are in production, planned for production and allow for what if scenarios. The scheduler will give users the ability to see the capacity of their manufacturing facility and make real time changes to account for the day to day changes.

Product Configurator
Sales orders reaching the shop floor when engineering rules were not followed can result in production delays, wasted inventories, and customer service issues. The Product Configurator module can help your organization address these problems.

Quoting and Estimating
The Quoting & Estimating module provides your organization with the tools to build an estimate and generate a quote for your customers.

The first feature of the Quality module is Material Review Board (MRB). The MRB function will integrate the reject of materials during the manufacturing or inspection processes with the disposition of the rejects.

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